Legend of the Ice Dragon – a fantastic slot

Legend of the Ice Dragon slot

If you, like me, love dragons and casino games, you have to check out the slot Legend of the Ice Dragon. In this slot, a majestic and powerful ice dragon lives among snow-covered mountain peaks. The stunning ice dragon appears on the right side of the screen next to the game.

In Legend of the Ice Dragon, you play on a grid slot that is 7×7 squares large. To win, you need to land clusters of at least five identical symbols next to each other in the grid. The game also has cascading reels, which means that winning symbols are removed from the grid and new ones fall down to fill the gaps. This can create more winning combinations and keep the action going.

One of the coolest features of the game is that the winning symbols are collected and added to a meter, the crystal charger. When you collect 20 symbols, a cool bonus feature is triggered by the dragon. The bonus can consist of, for example, all high-paying symbols being transformed into one type of high-paying symbol, getting more wilds on the grid, or all low-paying symbols being removed from the grid.

These are just some of the features that can appear in Legend of the Ice Dragon.

I have played Legend of the Ice Dragon for a few hours and I have to say that it is one of my favorite games right now. It has amazing graphics, sound effects, and animations that make me feel like I am in a fantasy world. It also has exciting gameplay, features, and a win potential that keep me hooked and entertained. If you are lucky, you can win up to 6000x the stake in this slot.

If you are a fan of dragons and slots, I highly recommend that you give this game a try. You can find it at many online casinos that offer games from Play n GO. At many casinos you can try the game for free with play money so you can try the game without risking your own money.

24 K Dragon – another dragon slot

Legend of the Ice Dragon is not the only slot with dragons from Play n GO. They have actually made another slot on the dragon theme: 24K Dragon, which has a huge jackpot of 24,000x the stake. Personally I prefer Legend of the Ice Dragon. But 24K Dragon is also an entertaining game with an impressive dragon. However, it only shows up occasionally, unlike in Legend of the Ice Dragon where you always have the ice dragon in the picture.

Champions League and the Euros

FootballSoon it’s christmas time for all football enthusiasts! The Champions League final and the UEFA European Championship is coming up in the coming weeks. The Champions League final between Manchester City – Chelsea is even less than a week away.

Football is an amazing uniting force for sure and I can’t even imagine how many people out there, besides myself, that are looking forward to the matches.

This year it’s extra special of course. Could it be Englands time to win the European Championship this time? It would be fantastic. I have checked out the odds and it seems like England is number two at the oddslist. They have never won the Euros yet so it would really be a historic moment if they did.

Number one at the oddslist is the reigning World Champions France. The odds at France is 6.00 and the odds at England is a bit higher and are 6.50 at the moment.

The Euros starts 11 June and last until 11 July. In other words, we have a whole month of exciting football to look forward to this summer.

Champions League final

But before the European Championship kicks off the final of Champions League will take place in Porto the 29 may. Two English teams has made it to the final: Manchester City and Chelsea.

This will be the third time in history that two English teams will meet in the Champions League final. The first time was 2007/2008 when Manchester United and Chelsea made up for the title. Manchester United won. The second time was 2018/2019, when Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur in the final.

Manchester City have never been in a Champions League final before. Chelsea on the other hand have played two finals. First time in 2007/2008 when they lost to Manchester United and the second time in 2011/2012 when they won the final against Bayern München. According to the odds, Chelsea enters this final as underdogs. Manchester City is the favorites and a bet at them as winners gives 2.02 in odds at Unibet right now. A bet at Chelsea as winners gives 4.00 in odds.

If you’re interested in betting check out this old post where I tells about oddsexpert.co.uk where you can find interesting matches in football and compare odds at the matches.

Origami dragons – paper folding

A white origami dragonFeeling creative? Take a look at Youtube. There you can find lots of video guides showing you how to create an origami dragon. You can find everything from simple origami projects to really advanced ones. The easy ones doesn’t require any special paper, so all you need to create a simple origami dragon is a piece of square thin paper. But before you start, check which paper size you should use. 20*20 cm is a common format, but it varies from project to project.

You can use any paper color, but personally I find it mor effectfull when using colored or patterned paper. Or why not a metallic or glossy paper?

I have tried to fold some paper dragons myself and I find it quite fun, at least when everything is going well. I have given up some projects, but some have been really succesfull so now I have a small collection of origami dragons on the shelf above my bed. It’s fantastic how a creature made of a small piece of paper can have so much character. I also find it quite fascinating that you can create so many different dragons from just a single paper.

If you have lots of time you can try something called 3D origami. Instead av folding a dragon from one piece of paper you build your paper dragon by folding many small pieces of paper that you puts together.

Another idea for you who is really dextrous is to fold two mini origami dragons and attach them to earring hooks and wear them as jewelry! If you like jewelry but don’t want to make them yourself, then check out my older post about dragon jewelry here.

Youtube is a gold mine for all of us who likes DIY projects. Except from origami dragons you can find tutorials on how to create your own dragon eggs, dragon jewelry and dragon cake to mention some of all videos. Next time I have a vacation I shall try to bake my own dragon cake. Maybe I will have to practice a few times before I can serve the cake at a dinner.

That was all for now! Have a nice day.

Dragon Ball Z – a sport you can bet at?

When I was a kid, I was really into manga for a while. I learned to read comics backwards (as you do with manga) and I binge-watched a ton of anime series on television. I remember that my very favourite one was called ‘Dragon Balls’, which makes it quite obvious that my interest in dragons has been around for a very long time…. Almost as long as my interest in sports, football actually to be more precise.

I guess that this is a bit of a stretch, because the show doesn’t really revolve around dragons. But I really enjoyed both reading and watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid, so I thought I might just write something about it anyway. The series picks up five years after the original Dragon Ball anime, and is about Goku. Along with his different companions, he defends the earth against danger – which could be anything from intergalactic space fighters to magical creatures.

In the Dragon Ball series, there are seven Dragon Balls. They look like crystal spheres, and all have a number of stars in them – number one to seven. They can’t be used for anything seperatly, but if they’re all united they will bring out the Eternal Dragon Shenron, who can grant wishes. I can still remember the first time Shenron appeared on the show, and I was blown away. He was a Eastern dragon, even though I wasn’t aware of that at the time, the kind that is sacred in Oriental mythologies. He was portrayed as kind hearted, altough he did have quite an aggressive temper. I thought he looked really cool, and that’s probably where my big interest of dragons began. A fun fact is also that ‘Shenron’ means ‘divine dragon’ – which relates to him being an Eastern dragon!

Odds at Dragon Ball Z?

Another fun fact about Dragon Ball Z from my point of wiew is that when I first heard of it I actually thought it was a sport.. I did believe that dragons exsisted whan I was younger, so I figured it was some kind of ball game where the players were riding dragons. I do realize that it sounds very funny now, but I was convinced it was a real sport. Imagine finding odds at oddsexpert.co.uk for Dragon Ball? That would be absolutely amazing! However how much I love football, I would love a ballgame with dragons even more. But until they finds or invent dragons I will confine myself with football, and that is not so bad. There are plenty of exciting matches to watch and bet at. And nowadays you don’t even have to leave the home when you want to place a bet. Thanks to Internet (which wasn’t invented when I was a kid) you can bet online from your computer or your smartphone. You can even get something that is called a free bet so you can bet without risking any money. Isn’t it fantastic? If you can do all this you must be able to invent dragons as well!

The dragons of Westeros and gambling at casinos

I don’ think that I have mentioned this on here before, but Game of Thrones is without a doubt my all-time favourite show. To me it’s just a series that has everything. Drama, excitement, a great plot – and of course dragons. I really like the way dragons are portrayed in the show, because it goes very well with how I imagine dragons were like if they ever existed. (A fair warning – spoilers ahead!)

In Game of Thrones, dragons are massive creatures that can breathe fire. They posess great power, and have the ability to burn entire cities to ashes single-handedly. They used to be ridden by dragon riders into war, where they were used to take over empires across both Essos and Westeros. The last surviving dragon known at the beginning of the show were the ones possesed by the Targaryen’s. They used dragons three hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, when they conquered and unified the Seven Kingdoms. When the last Targaryen dragon died, they were considered extinct.

A twist in the plot

But that would turn out not to be true, when Daenerys three dragons are born at the end of the first season. The dragons grow throughout the seasons, and are used in battle for the first time in the 7th season. When Danearys later tries to rescue Jon Snow frome the White Walkers, the dragon Viserion is killed in the battle. The Night King does however manage to bring the dragon back to life – but in form of a White Walker.

I think the White Walker-dragon is an interesting twist in the story. It does even out the odds for the upcoming war, but also the idea in itself is facsinating to me. Dragons has always been connected with fire, and now they’ve come up with something completely opposite of that. An interesting twist for sure, and I can’t wait to see what the 8th season will bring..

Playing casino while waiting for the next season

Unfortunately, I will have to wait at least another year for the next season to come. And the suspense is killing me. I have found something to entertain myself with until then though, and that thing is online casino. I’ve never been much of a gambler, but I do enjoy the excitement every now and then. I found a site called casinonodeposit.co.uk that is really good for someone like me, who doesn’t know the first thing about online casino. But I’ve found some great offers and reviews there that has helped me – and I would really recommend it in order to make time pass until the new season of Game of Thrones! But before you start gambling, be sure to learn everything possible about responsible gambling!

Awesome sand dragon in Barcelona!

Hi again! So, I was in Barcelona with a friend the other day and I walked a bit on the beach. It was a bit too cold for me to enjoy a bath, so I stayed at the beach and soaked a bit in the sunshine and got some sand between my toes. At one point, we saw a really awesome sand sculpture and I decided to take a photo of it. It might not be the very best picture, since we were on the go. However, I think it’s a really cool sculpture of a dragon!

Just imagine all the time and hard work put down in that! I could imagine that it surely took a day or so, to get it up. I wonder where the creator got all the sand from, since it seems to contain of quite a bit of sand and buckets. The details are really well made, especially the fire piece in the mouth. I could not see what it was made of, unfortunately, but I think it is a very nice detail. Also, the wings are very thin in the top as well as the feathers behind the head. It must be quite hard to get the sand to stick and I wonder how long it will stay up. The sand will eventually dry out so I could imagine it to fall apart soon. However, it’s quite amazing to see this huge dragon sitting on the beach and walking past it.

It’s actually really large! I did not have the time to stand beside it, but it seemed like it was about knee height just in the head, and about 10 metres from the head to the tail across the sand. The body was even longer, since it’s bent. I was really surprised to see it, since it’s really not something you expect to see on a beach.

It would be awesome to see how it looks when it’s built, and I would really want to see the time laps of that. I would imagine it to be really cool to see it slowly grow, as it gets more and more sand and a bigger body. Just imagine all the small details carved in the sand such as the wings, the legs and not to mention the face! It’s surely a masterpiece and I’ll try to find a time laps video of it being built. Bye for now!

Dragons in our days

Dragons are mostly connected to ancient times and pre-historical events. Knights, dinosaurs and vikings is more connected to dragons than cars, cellphones and television. But even if dragons them selves are not among us every day, their ancestors are. There are many animals that remind us about the dragon era, a long time ago.

Birds are similar to dragons in some waysBirds are seen every day, and is not seen that dragon-like. However, they are one of the animals that are as close to a dinosaur as we can come. From that, the step to dragons are not so big. Many dragons had, and have, feathers on their body just like some dinosaurs and just like the birds among us. So every time you see a bird, you might think of it as a small, fluffy relative to dragons.

Lizards are also very much like dragonsLizards is also a small dragon, I mean who haven’t seen one and waited for it to spit fire when their were small? They really look like a small dragon, at least some of them. Dragons are a kind of reptile and is often said to act a bit like a lizard. Look at the Chinese dragon and then at a lizard – the similarities are many.

Snakes - a small, wingless dragon?Snakes – of course I must mention snakes in a post about dragon relatives. It’s impossible to avoid this parable, since the two are very much alike. Many snakes are venomous, just like many of the dragons might have been, until some evolved the fire mechanism. They are also very flexible – the snakes use their flexibility to move and the dragons use ot to fly, hunt and survive. They both have a long tongue with split points and scale, so it’s understandable that some dragons might evolved to snakes. They might started to look for food on the ground and soon the eventual wings disappeared. The legs may have disappeared as soon as they did not need them, since all food was reachable from ground level.

I’m definitely not sure about this, but I like to think of it like this. It takes me a bit closer to the dragons and I can be enchanted just by looking at a bird or if I see a snake. Fantasies are what makes the world interesting – that’s why it’s so important.

Dragons are popular in casino games

In my last post, I wrote about beautiful jewellery with dragons in them. I continued my search and bumped into the big world of games. Turns out, there is A LOT of dragons in the game world, especially in the world of casinos. Most of you probably knew it already, and so did I. But I could never expected it to be so much! I found a site called freespins365.co.uk and was completely amazed by the vide range of video slots with a dragon theme.

Dungeons and Dragons - the board gameWe all know about the classic Dungeons and Dragons, the board game that came to be a massive hit among so many people around the world. After its launch in 1974, it quickly began to climb up both the top lists and the wish lists. To many, it’s known to be the starting point to the era of our modern board games. It joins people and creates communities, as well as keeps friends together when they don’t meet up very often. It’s been an icon for board games, and it still is.

Next up is the classic card games. Not that the card games itself is connected to dragons, but many uses the motive of the dragon together with cards. It’s not rare to see a card magician, or just a card player, use their special deck with a dragon on the back. The dragon is strongly connected to magic and mystery, and sometimes also the unexplainable. Maybe this is one of the reasons that playing cards so often has a dragon on the back side, to enhance the mystical feeling of the unexplainable events of card games.

Not to forget the classic video games. Here you will find a lot of the dragons connected to games. Many of them are evil and seen as bad. Look at the classic video game World of Warcraft. The dragons in here are a very big and important part of the story, as they change the plot of the game a lot. They are close to the story and in a few places, your task is to slain them. But not only in WoW you find the dragons, also more child-friendly games has its dragons. For example, there is the very friendly dragon in How to Train Your Dragon, the online game based on the movie. Also in the spirit of Pete’s Dragon there is a few games and jigsaw puzzles.

As a way back to the card games and the casino spirit, there is also a lot of dragons in the general casino world. Craps, as I wrote about a bit earlier, has some inspiration from dragons as well. However, I was more thinking of the slots and video slots. It may be more usual for video games or board games to have dragons in them, but slots also got its share. For example, we have the dragon as a bonus symbol in the slot Koi Princess. It’s also asian inspired and infused with dragons, so the trend is strong even here. You can also see, if you look at the top list in the first link, that there are many casinos around. Many of them has a dragon infused games, but I found Koi Princess to be most interesting.

As you may see, there is a lot of dragons around us. The ones we see may not be the living versions, but at least it warms my heart to see that they are not forgotten. When a dragon is projected as good or helpful, like in Pete’s Dragon or the Koi Princess slot, it suddenly feels even better.

Beautiful jewellery with dragons

I’ve been browsing the web a bit tonight, just to relax a little. I came over some jewellery sites, that I really liked. I especially liked the jewellery with dragons on them, of course. Have you seen all the cool designs from Thomas Sabo? I just love that brand and I have a silverbracelet with a few charms on it. Off course – one of them is a dragon.

Yesterday I found this necklace and fell in love. Isn’t it just georgeous?

Dragonnecklace from Thomas Sabo...

Picture borrowed from www.thomassabo.com

I thought about ordering it but I guess I´ll have to save some money first. I really think it´s a beautiful piece of art. It´s made of sterling silver and has the perfect size for me. It looks similar to the smaller one I keep on my bracelet.

Anyhow, I found more stunning pieces. Look at this babies:

Dragon earrings

Picture borrowed from www.babysnake.se

I just loved the name at the store: Babysnake 🙂 Cool and cute at the same time and they had so many cool jewelries.

This earrings were made of sterling silver as well. I like oxidized silver, I think it gives the jewelry character. If it´s to shiny it´s to cute for my taste. And you don´t have to polish them as often when they are oxidized 😀 You could get a matching pendant as well.

It would be fun to sit down with a goldsmith and design my very own dragon.  Imagine an earring where the dragons tail winds among your ear and ends up in some kind of ear cuff. Or perhaps a flame from the dragons mouth. Combined with a tail hanging down from the ear. Can you imagine? Or am I lost in my thoughts again? 🙂

There are so many beautiful dragon designs out there. I just can’t get enough och this mystic creatures. So dark and powerful. My friends laugh at me and call me obsessed.. well, I like being obsessed. What makes your heart beat a bit extra?



Dragons as a symbol in the world of gambling

Casinos often use Dragons to add a mystic and powerful feeling to the gameDragons have, as you might have seen by your self, become a symbol and a token. It’s wide spread among the world as a symbol of hope, power and magic. All around, you see dragons as lamps, tattoos, patterns at mugs – basically everywhere. It’s become a thing to have dragons everywhere.

Much may be because it’s strongly related to the Asian culture, with bright colours and long, beautiful patterns. It’s not a surprise that dragons are so popular, since it’s filled with magic and mystic. As said, now you can see dragons basically everywhere. Not because of hallucination, though. Dragons are displayed in many different forms and shapes, in many contexts and it’s mostly in a good way. More often than not, the dragons are added to give the context more power and a more magic touch to it.

Take casino games like Baccarat, black jack or Poker for example. You can often see really cool deck of cards with dragons on them, perhaps in an advanced pattern playing cards. Or if you’ve ever played the game with dices called Craps, you’ve probably seen there is lots of details with dragons in some places. Probably, it’s to give it more magic and mystic to it, but also to remind of the Asian culture with dice, cards and dominos where you might sometimes relate this to. Either way, dragons in the world of gambling and playing is very popular. Some casinos even have dragons at their chips.