The mighty dragons of Westeros!

I don’ think that I have mentioned this on here before, but Game of Thrones is without a doubt my all-time favourite show. To me it’s just a series that has everything. Drama, excitement, a great plot – and of course dragons. I really like the way dragons are portrayed in the show, because it goes very well with how I imagine dragons were like if they ever existed. (A fair warning – spoilers ahead!)

In Game of Thrones, dragons are massive creatures that can breathe fire. They posess great power, and have the ability to burn entire cities to ashes single-handedly. They used to be ridden by dragon riders into war, where they were used to take over empires across both Essos and Westeros. The last surviving dragon known at the beginning of the show were the ones possesed by the Targaryen’s. They used dragons three hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, when they conquered and unified the Seven Kingdoms. When the last Targaryen dragon died, they were considered extinct.

A twist in the plot

But that would turn out not to be true, when Daenerys three dragons are born at the end of the first season. The dragons grow throughout the seasons, and are used in battle for the first time in the 7th season. When Danearys later tries to rescue Jon Snow frome the White Walkers, the dragon Viserion is killed in the battle. The Night King does however manage to bring the dragon back to life – but in form of a White Walker.

I think the White Walker-dragon is an interesting twist in the story. It does even out the odds for the upcoming war, but also the idea in itself is facsinating to me. Dragons has always been connected with fire, and now they’ve come up with something completely opposite of that. An interesting twist for sure, and I can’t wait to see what the 8th season will bring..

Playing casino while waiting for the next season

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