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Awesome sand dragon in Barcelona!

Hi again! So, I was in Barcelona with a friend the other day and I walked a bit on the beach. It was a bit too cold for me to enjoy a bath, so I stayed at the beach and soaked a bit in the sunshine and got some sand between my toes. At one point, we saw a really awesome sand sculpture and I decided to take a photo of it. It might not be the very best picture, since we were on the go. However, I think it’s a really cool sculpture of a dragon!

Just imagine all the time and hard work put down in that! I could imagine that it surely took a day or so, to get it up. I wonder where the creator got all the sand from, since it seems to contain of quite a bit of sand and buckets. The details are really well made, especially the fire piece in the mouth. I could not see what it was made of, unfortunately, but I think it is a very nice detail. Also, the wings are very thin in the top as well as the feathers behind the head. It must be quite hard to get the sand to stick and I wonder how long it will stay up. The sand will eventually dry out so I could imagine it to fall apart soon. However, it’s quite amazing to see this huge dragon sitting on the beach and walking past it.

It’s actually really large! I did not have the time to stand beside it, but it seemed like it was about knee height just in the head, and about 10 metres from the head to the tail across the sand. The body was even longer, since it’s bent. I was really surprised to see it, since it’s really not something you expect to see on a beach.

It would be awesome to see how it looks when it’s built, and I would really want to see the time laps of that. I would imagine it to be really cool to see it slowly grow, as it gets more and more sand and a bigger body. Just imagine all the small details carved in the sand such as the wings, the legs and not to mention the face! It’s surely a masterpiece and I’ll try to find a time laps video of it being built. Bye for now!

The dragon statue in Klagenfurt

There is a huge amount of dragon statues around the world. Today I would like to tell you about the fierce statue in Klagenfurt, Austria. In the 1330´s they found a large skull that they believed descended from a dragon. The skull was displayed at the town hall and many years later an artist used it as a modell to create such a “natural” image of a dragon as possible. It was an attempt to depict a creature they seriously thought  once existed. The result? A really cool statue. But not very realistic, huh?

The inspiration to the shape of the dragon named, among others, from another mysterious creature, “the Lindworm”. Have you heard of it? It should be asigned to an own post, but the Lindworm is more of a snake. A really huge one! It looks like a dragon but has no wings…

Anyway, the statue was completed in 1593. 39 years later they added a statue of Hercules with a swinging stick, aiming to kill the dragon. I didn’t´t managed to find out why they chose to do that so many years late tho. The creation is very cool where it stands in the middle of the square and I bet that it is a hot subject for photoshoots among tourists. I would love to go there myself one day to get to se this statue irl. Meanwhile, I have to settle with the webcam on their website for tourists 🙂

Funny fact years later it turned out that the scull actually belonged to woolly rhinoceros. To be honest, I have never heard about such a creature before so this gave me yet another animal to explore closer. One that actually has exists.

Can you imagine what amazing creatures who has walked around this earth long before us? In fact, I am sure that there are still many creatures left for us to explore. Species that we had not have time, or come to, discover yet.

For an example, what do you think is hidden in the deepest, darkest water. Far out of nowhere? A horrifying, but yet tantalizing, thought…

Have you seen a really cool dragon statue? Tell me about it, I just can´t get enough of them. Can you imagine how cool it would be to travel around the world just to see every single statue ever been made? Awesome!