I’ve been browsing the web a bit tonight, just to relax a little. I came over some jewellery sites, that I really liked. I especially liked the jewellery with dragons on them, of course. Have you seen all the cool designs from Thomas Sabo? I just love that brand and I have a silverbracelet with a few charms on it. Off course – one of them is a dragon.

Yesterday I found this necklace and fell in love. Isn’t it just georgeous?

Dragonnecklace from Thomas Sabo...

Picture borrowed from www.thomassabo.com

I thought about ordering it but I guess I´ll have to save some money first. I really think it´s a beautiful piece of art. It´s made of sterling silver and has the perfect size for me. It looks similar to the smaller one I keep on my bracelet.

Anyhow, I found more stunning pieces. Look at this babies:

Dragon earrings

Picture borrowed from www.babysnake.se

I just loved the name at the store: Babysnake 🙂 Cool and cute at the same time and they had so many cool jewelries.

This earrings were made of sterling silver as well. I like oxidized silver, I think it gives the jewelry character. If it´s to shiny it´s to cute for my taste. And you don´t have to polish them as often when they are oxidized 😀 You could get a matching pendant as well.

It would be fun to sit down with a goldsmith and design my very own dragon.  Imagine an earring where the dragons tail winds among your ear and ends up in some kind of ear cuff. Or perhaps a flame from the dragons mouth. Combined with a tail hanging down from the ear. Can you imagine? Or am I lost in my thoughts again? 🙂

There are so many beautiful dragon designs out there. I just can’t get enough och this mystic creatures. So dark and powerful. My friends laugh at me and call me obsessed.. well, I like being obsessed. What makes your heart beat a bit extra?