Casinos often use Dragons to add a mystic and powerful feeling to the gameDragons have, as you might have seen by your self, become a symbol and a token. It’s wide spread among the world as a symbol of hope, power and magic. All around, you see dragons as lamps, tattoos, patterns at mugs – basically everywhere. It’s become a thing to have dragons everywhere.

Much may be because it’s strongly related to the Asian culture, with bright colours and long, beautiful patterns. It’s not a surprise that dragons are so popular, since it’s filled with magic and mystic. As said, now you can see dragons basically everywhere. Not because of hallucination, though. Dragons are displayed in many different forms and shapes, in many contexts and it’s mostly in a good way. More often than not, the dragons are added to give the context more power and a more magic touch to it.

Take casino games like Baccarat, black jack or Poker for example. You can often see really cool deck of cards with dragons on them, perhaps in an advanced pattern playing cards. Or if you’ve ever played the game with dices called Craps, you’ve probably seen there is lots of details with dragons in some places. Probably, it’s to give it more magic and mystic to it, but also to remind of the Asian culture with dice, cards and dominos where you might sometimes relate this to. Either way, dragons in the world of gambling and playing is very popular. Some casinos even have dragons at their chips.