A white origami dragonFeeling creative? Take a look at Youtube. There you can find lots of video guides showing you how to create an origami dragon. You can find everything from simple origami projects to really advanced ones. The easy ones doesn’t require any special paper, so all you need to create a simple origami dragon is a piece of square thin paper. But before you start, check which paper size you should use. 20*20 cm is a common format, but it varies from project to project.

You can use any paper color, but personally I find it mor effectfull when using colored or patterned paper. Or why not a metallic or glossy paper?

I have tried to fold some paper dragons myself and I find it quite fun, at least when everything is going well. I have given up some projects, but some have been really succesfull so now I have a small collection of origami dragons on the shelf above my bed. It’s fantastic how a creature made of a small piece of paper can have so much character. I also find it quite fascinating that you can create so many different dragons from just a single paper.

If you have lots of time you can try something called 3D origami. Instead av folding a dragon from one piece of paper you build your paper dragon by folding many small pieces of paper that you puts together.

Another idea for you who is really dextrous is to fold two mini origami dragons and attach them to earring hooks and wear them as jewelry! If you like jewelry but don’t want to make them yourself, then check out my older post about dragon jewelry here.

Youtube is a gold mine for all of us who likes DIY projects. Except from origami dragons you can find tutorials on how to create your own dragon eggs, dragon jewelry and dragon cake to mention some of all videos. Next time I have a vacation I shall try to bake my own dragon cake. Maybe I will have to practice a few times before I can serve the cake at a dinner.

That was all for now! Have a nice day.