The dragon from Dragon Ball Z!

When I was a kid, I was really into manga for a while. I learned to read comics backwards (as you do with manga) and I binge-watched a ton of anime series on television. I remember that my very favourite one was called ‘Dragon Balls’, which makes it quite obvious that my interest in dragons has been around for a very long time….

I guess that this is a bit of a stretch, because the show doesn’t really revolve around dragons. But i really enjoyed both reading and watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid, so I thought I might just write something about it anyway. The series picks up five years after the original Dragon Ball anime, and is about Goku. Along with his different companions, he defends the earth against danger – which could be anything from intergalactic space fighters to magical creatures.

In the Dragon Ball series, there are seven Dragon Balls. They look like crystal spheres, and all have a number of stars in them – number one to seven. They can’t be used for anything seperatly, but if they’re all united they will bring out the Eternal Dragon Shenron, who can grant wishes. I can still remember the first time Shenron appeared on the show, and I was blown away. He was a Eastern dragon, even though I wasn’t aware of that at the time, the kind that is sacred in Oriental mythologies. He was portrayed as kind hearted, altough he did have quite an aggressive temper. I thought he looked really cool, and that’s probably where my big interest of dragons began. A fun fact is also that ‘Shenron’ means ‘divine dragon’ – which relates to him being an Eastern dragon!

Another fun fact about Dragon Ball Z from my point of wiew is that when I first heard of it I actually thought it was a sport.. I did believe that dragons exsisted whan I was younger, so I figured it was some kind of ball game where the players were riding dragons. I do realize that it sounds very funny no, but I was convinced it was a real sport. Imagine finding online odds at the betting sites for Dragon Ball? That would be absolutely amazing!